Excellent Property Valuations That Empower Excellent Decisions

Buying and selling property is no mickey mouse game! Whether you’re contemplating a private sale or purchase, or are playing with the ‘big boys’ and involved in the property market as part of your profession, there is no doubt that crucial choices and crunch decisions all come with a generous serving of stress, worry and expense.

One of the vital elements in making property related decisions are accurate, skilled and informative property valuations.

At an initial glance, it may seem that it makes no difference which company you choose to provide you with a valuation for the relevant property. Surely they will all provide you with one and the same thing, right? Not exactly!

Excellent property valuations are based on an exceptional and up-to-date knowledge of property sales data. Acquiring property valuations from a company who is not absolutely committed to being up-to-date with all current property sales data, may result in a valuation that does not give you the necessary knowledge to make an excellent decision.

The company MyValocity, based in New Zealand and exclusively for Kiwis, clearly understands the vital and crucial role that knowledge plays in providing clients with property valuations. MyValocity creates Estimated Valuation Reports, with the purpose of providing relevant and crucial knowledge to aid the decision-making process. These property valuations include, and are based on, the following:

– Created using current and up-to-date property sales data.

– Designed to show where money can be saved or made.

– Uses similar property comparisons from the property area when creating property valuations.

– Both property details and physical characteristics are taken into account when preparing the valuations.

As with nearly any company that exists, the quality and results are often directly related to the founders of the company. After all, they are the ones who have built the core principles, the work ethic, the desired purpose and long-term ambitions of the company they put their name to.

So what can be said for the founders of MyValocity? In short, it seems that Carmen Vicelich an Kerry Stewart, are the property experts who are committed to making each and every one of their clients a fellow expert.

With over 30 years of experience within the property market, there is no lack of knowledge or expertise as far as these two are concerned. The exceptional quality however, displayed by both founders, is their desire to share their knowledge with others. Their company has a wonderful tagline, ‘the power of knowing’, and it appears that they are dedicated to providing a service that will always live up to their promise.

So certainly there is little doubt that the world of property sales isn’t for wimps! For both private buyers and sellers, as well as investors and professionals within the field, they find themselves in a market that doesn’t stand still, not even for one second! One element within this market is always constant though; if you want to make excellent decisions, you need excellent property valuations!